Bear Dough Maker Mixer BDM-P35L Bread Maker Home Automatic Mixer Mircocomputer Timing Malaysia 3-Pin Plug (3.5L)
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Product SKU BDM-P35L
Size (L x W x H) 26 cm x 23 cm x 28 cm
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*the control panel uses an advanced touch screen, the mechanical buttons are canceled, completely sealed, will not get water, dustproof, sensitive and durable!
*settings intelligent program settings, you can choose flour mixing and automatic constant temperature fermentation program
*The base is stable, the bottom suction cup design, low noise, strong support, save space, and reduce vibration when stirring.
*The mixing program simulates the method of manually kneading the dough. The cross-shaped conical top cover can press the dough to make the dough softer and more tensile
*Efficient, pure copper, energy-saving motor, turbo lever, reliable, durable, strong power, can better mix the dough
*Each time you can knead 0.4-1 kg of flour to meet different needs.
*Especially suitable for making bread, pastries, noodles, pizza, dumplings, biscuits, buns, spaghetti and other pasta

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