Bear 3 in 1 Blender 1.2L BB3-W12L
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*Functions: squeeze fruit juice, milkshake, baby's supplementary food. Sesame paste, walnut paste, chili powder. Soybean Milk. Minced meat.
*Three-speed regulation, suitable for a variety food blend needs. (0 gear is stop work). 1th gear speed: suitable for watermelon, kiwifruit and other soft food. The 2th gear speed is suitable for hard food such as meat and nuts.
*Three type accessories, three modes of use.
*Stirring cup + stirring blade base, suitable for juice pressing.
*Soybean milk Net + mixing cup + mixing blade base is suitable for making soybean milk machine
*Grinding cup + Grinding blade base, suitable for Grinding meat.
*Dry grinding cup + dry grinding blade base, suitable for sesame paste, walnut paste, chili powder, etc.
*Power: 400W